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I am soo happy you've decided to stop on by! I'm just a wife and mama trying to raise good humans, while still trying to binge watch my favorite tv shows. When I’m not taking your photos, you can catch me running, hiking or swimming with the fam, attending my kids sports events, eating, creating social media content for local bakers, EATING, convincing my husband to do some kind of home DIY with me, or watching some kind of Marvel movie/show with the kids. I’m pretty laid back, tbh. 

I hope to inspire those who want to grow into whatever the heck sparks light in their life! I’m am all about mental health. I love to encourage and support others.

The name is Chasidy, but you can call me Chas.

Hi there


- hope, Rockwall Tx

"I was looking for a photographer that not only took beautiful pictures but also understood and vibed with my style/vision. My first photoshoot with Chasidy was for my maternity pictures which came out totally perfect! Ever since then I’ve used her for family photos and my baby’s first cake smash session. It’s very hard to get my daughter to smile in photos and Chasidy does ALL THE THINGS to get that perfect shot. I love all the photos from each session we’ve had with her—she gets all the best moments!"

"Chasidy does all the things to get that perfect shot"

the proof is in the puddin'







I love coffee but I hardly ever finish the full cup.

I can watch Adam Sandler movies over and over.

We recently got an air fryer. It's all we use now. 

I always look up the actors in movies to see what else they've been in. I gotta be in know! 

I just finished Game Of Thrones and I understand the hype now. 

I have an obsession for plants and gardens, but I can't keep them all alive. I'm getting better though.

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