The Photobooth owner is yours truly, but I have a team that helps make the              


WE BELIEVE IN                    BIG & SMALL.

A booth operator can be present at an additional charge. Our booth operators are there to help provide guidance if needed when using our booth. However, the booths are very user friendly.

4) is accompanied by

It can fit anywhere! The setup is literally so quick and you don’t have to pay a fee for setup and breakdown. Because who wants that. Not us.

3) is Modern & oh so chic!

Such as photo, boomerang, gif, filters and so much more! It also has bomb ass lighting to keep ya lewkin’ goooood!

All of our backdrops are made by the fabulous My Designer Jacqueline. Her designs are one of a kind and never repeated. Or you can make your own, totally up to you! But why stress when we can do it all for ya!

2) has amazing features

What does that mean? Well, we are completely digital. So no prints! Your guests will gets their images straight to their phone through text! I know what you’re thinking. SO. CONVENIENT. No more crumbled up paper that gets lost before the night is over. You’re welcome.

1) is eco friendly

Our photo booth is...

But, we DO cater to weddings! Need a photographer for your wedding? We have recs!

Babies and families on this site.

Yes, there are...


Tony + Bev

Chasidy (owner)

Meet your booth operators

Pricing starting at $450 for 3 hours of coverage. Please inquire for further details and other packages.

...the life of the party! and it lights up the room. literally.

Our Photobooth is seriously....

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