I'm Chipotle and Wing Stop obsessed. I'm just a wife and mama trying to raise good humans while still trying to binge watch my favorite tv shows. When I’m not taking your photos or drawing an illustration - you can catch me walking or hiking with the fam, CG workouts (they are life and what keep me sane), eating, creating social media content for dental offices, EATING, on FaceTime with my parents (they live in SA), or watching Disney+ with the kiddos. I’m pretty laid back, tbh. 

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New blog post coming at ya in – 3, 2, 1… Back in January I decided to invest huuuuge in a brand spankin’ new website and brand for my business! I needed a website and brand that represented ME! Although, the websites I threw together were ehh, okay and helped me out… It was time […]

It’s Officially Official!